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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today." jason: 430 right now on sunrise. a woman recovering after she was attacked by several pitbulls. why investigators in the case looks familiar. >> i can' t talk to you anymore ok? jason: a tragic accident in volusia county. a man shot dead while hunting with a friend and we are hearing about their other friend. the country is preparing for what could be the worst winter storm in years. thank you for joining us, i am
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time to rice and shine here. let' s get you out a door -- out the door here. we have a shot of downtown orlando at 47 degrees. it is much warmer than this time 24 hours ago. eric burris is here, he is tracking this temperatures. will people notice it as they step outside? eric: it still chilly. as we look to the afternoon forecast, it will improve. 50 degrees by 9:00. 74 degrees by 3:00. first solar doppler radar, rain free as we get you out and about that is the good news. 45 degrees in the city beautiful. we are 37 palm coast. 54 degrees in cocoa beach. the north into marion county, 36. that is really still have that
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the good news is we have 70' s and the outlook for this afternoon. we will make it to 74 in astatula. 74 in maitland, 73 today in waterford lakes and along the shoreline here, it is a really great day with 70' s up and down the shore. 73 degrees at the cape. we will continue to very closely monitor that outlook. you can get the current mobile app. we will have that full forecast minutes. s get a look of the roadways at this dark and early hour. ted: looking at our travel time out of seminole county on i-4. westbound is flowing nicely. in downtown orlando that has not wrapped up yet. this is eastbound coming at the camera in between the 408 and 50. we have a left taken out in that
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traffic is still moving in both directions. 95 northbound right here in flagler county, a right lane taken out for overnight work. jason: breaking news to tell you about in seminole county where sanford police are investigating an overnight shooting. it happened at the kensington oak apartments. that is on mellon phil avenue. we have a crew on the way. look for a live report coming up this morning at 5:00. now to a story you first saw here on wesh 2. we are working to find out if the pitbull that nearly killed a woman in the same -- pitbulls that nearly killed a woman in a sanford apartment are the same ones involved in a -- an attack a week ago. >> a bloody scene at the stony brook apartments in sanford tuesday after a woman is nearly mauled to death by multiple pitbulls inside of her third-floor apartment. the sanford police start --
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adults and kids screaming that the dogs were killing her. five weeks prior, a similar incident at this apartment complex in sanford where according to this police report, two people were bitten by four pitbulls living there. one was -- one luncheon officer and was pepper spray. >> we stopped by the last known address of the men believed to be the owner of the dog. no one was home. one neighbor told us they were concerned about how the dogs are being treated. >> there were so many dogs living in one area. every time we would walk by, they would come to the window and they had ripped the blinds down. they had destroyed it day by day and ripped the blinds down. we were not sure if they had food or water because he was gone so long. >> while police are trying to determine if the dogs involved in tuesday'
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same ones, residents are focused on the woman who was mauled. >> i hope she can pull through. >> it is terrifying and it is really sad. this woman just nearly lost her life. jason: that was summer knowles reporting. officials are telling us five people in total were hurt in that tuesday incident. their names of not been released. the woman who was mauled is in critical condition. in apopka, officials are looking to see if there are more victims of this former elementary school teacher charged with capital sex crimes. apopka police says 66-year-old donald sharp was a third grade teacher when he molested a young girl in a secluded school hallway. police say the molestation' s were kept a secret for seven years. the victim showed signs of post-traumatic stress.
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occasions and ran his hand down in the front of her pants and molested her. jason: sharp is charged with sexual battery on a child under the age of 12. if convicted, he faces life in prison. the trial for a former pedicab driver accused of rape will continue in volusia county. the victim took the stand and pointed to 29-year-old george brainard as the manual attacks her. she says she was dragged in a wooded area after leaving a race at daytona international speedway in february 2014. >> i was trying to get away. >> how are you trying to get away? jason: the victim says some of the details are fuzzy because she was drunk and had smoked marijuana. brainard' s lawyer says they had -- they had sex, but it was consensual. covering orange county, we are waiting to find out the name of a man killed in a fire possibly caused by a space heater.
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home on formby drive yesterday afternoon. after the flames were put out, a body was found. this morning, chloe' s law is one step closer to becoming official. it is a bill named after a you -- ucf student chloe arenas who died in an accident. she drove into a retention pond across in the exit ramp to stay road 408. in the weeks that followed, a wesh 2 news investigation helped move a barrier at the pond. >> the situation -- if the situations reversed, i know she would be doing this for anyone of us. jason: the idea for the bill began when one of chloe' s friends posted a change. board position that now has thousands
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18 accused in a brutal crowbar attack will take a plea deal. details of the agreement are not known. rebecca gotay, along with dylan thomas and jesse on berger are accused of beating a team in the driveway of his satellite beach home. orange county mayor teresa jacobs is holding her economic stomach. -- summit. you can hear about the development of the economy. he will also discuss the state of the economy for 2016. the event begins at the orange county convention center. they reminded me of isis, that is what a group of local arsonists. we are learning new information about a deadly hunting accident in volusia county. the friends are speaking with us moments after it all happened.
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it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes, try resolve pet expert. eric: 4:41 is the time. the weekend is a most here and we are beginning to transition weather patterns. it will be a bit warmer. keep in mind, north and western -- north and west around marion county, there could be a little frost. those temperatures rebound nicely. 74 will be our daytime high today. here' s a look at temperatures to
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we are in the 30' s for marion county. 33 dunnellon, 33 silver spring. 46 in groveland, 46 in claremont, across the metro area is 43 in downtown orlando, 44 in winter park. 46 at hunters creek. along the shore, it is very comfortable. a range of 30' s, 40' s and 50' s. 39 in pearson, 40 three degrees in port orange. 55 degrees in melbourne beach. high pressure is sitting in giving us an onshore flow to the wind. futurecast shows that all that means for us is a few clouds here or there. we are sticking with the nice and dry forecast. a mix of clouds and sun is our daytime forecast. 71 by lunchtime, 72 by 1:00, we will hold at 74 degrees by 3:00 today. that is our high temperature.
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ted: a quiet start. i-4 in seminole county, the screen. getting through altamonte springs with ease. now we look at our maps here, we have road work on i-4 eastbound colonial drive. ultimate. jason: we like that. covering volusia county, we are learning no charges are expected shot his friend while the two were hunting. matt grant spoke with emotional friends of the man moments after accident. >> three miles down this private dirt road in a wooded area, shares officials a 65-year-old hunting trip. >> we are investigating to find out what happened.
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>> neighbors say best and a friend were likely hunting gear when according to the volusia county sheriff' s office, the friend accidentally shot and killed best with a 12 gauge shotgun. it happened shortly after 2 p.m. west of i-95. with the help of a helicopter, it took investigators 30 minutes to reach the victim who was pronounced dead on scene. we were there when one of his friends learned he had been killed. >> i can' t, i can' t talk to anymore. where he was killed. a close friend of best told him -- told me he and his friends were experienced hunters. his wife is distraught. >> he probably hunted as much as he could. >> a neighbor says best was a longtime friend. he can' t believe what happened. >> it is crazy, sad to hear about accidents. don'
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>> we were there when the medical examiner arrived. circumstances surrounding how best was shot still remain unclear. >> it is just crazy, people need to be more careful when they are using firearms out in the woods. jason: the sheriff' s office' s major case unit continues to help with the florida wildlife commission. only on wesh 2 , we are getting a s some say remind them of this happened on saturday morning. arsonists carrying five gallons of gasoline. the car and a pickup. you. the fuel ignites and almost explodes into flames. witnesses say it was terrifying. >> it was very terrifying, because i did not know the car house.
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need more evidence to arrest the suspects. a grand opening of the new florida hospital designed just for women. this comes days before the hospital will officially welcome its first patients. it features live music, and interactive wide show any -- live show and a hot air balloon ride. in the day ahead, governor scott' s meeting with florida university presidents to discuss his new employment plan. it is called ready, set, work. the governor aims to reach 100% employment within a year after graduation. ucf and florida polytechnic university signed up for the initiative. seaworld is getting rid of deep water lifting floors installed after the death of a trainer. the floors were designed to lift trainers and orc is out of deepwater in an emergency. officials say 17 burmese python
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s have been killed on an animal hunt. the hunt runs through february 14. more than 500 people registered for the hunt. it extends into the everglades national park. could there be a ninth planet in our solar system? we will explain next on nasa' s
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jason: communities along the east coast arp parried for a major winter storm. this comes on the heels of the storm that hits the floor. >> winter weather brought commutes to a crawl or a halt near knoxville, tennessee. one driver was killed. >> if you don' t have to be out, don' t get out in it. a bigger storm is on its way. the national weather service warns of heavy, perhaps crippling snow across the north mid-atlantic region. as much is two feet in some areas. >> we will have some type of a serious snowstorm. it is a matter of magnitude and exactly where the path goes. we will be ready. >> along the jersey shore, residents are ready for beach erosion and possible flooding. >> this right here will probably be washed away.
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storm -- stores in the path of supplies. some aircraft carriers -- fees. >> i feel bad for everybody who is staying at home. >> the greyhound bus service has northeast. show has complete coverage of the storm as well as what you need to know if you are traveling to the northeast. >> there a new development in that massive winter storm barreling down on the northeast. more than 50 million americans in its path. a smaller storm dumped several inches of snow here in kentucky and killed one driver in tennessee. that' s larger storm has airlines warning travelers that this weekend will be a mess. we will have the very latest on the developing story as well as al'
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jason: that gets going right here on wesh 2 at 7:00. there could be a new planet in our solar system. researchers at the california institute of technology say they found evidence in the outer solar system of an object that could be a real ninth planet. they have not seen the planet but they say evidence helps them lead to conclude that there is one way out there. this new fine -- find has a cool nickname of planet nine. it is still a chilly morning here in central florida. not as cold as yesterday morning. 47 where you are looking.
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jason: we are working on new stores for 5:00 hour of sunshine -- sunrise.
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michelle: a dash cam is rolling during a terrifying crash. new video that captures the passenger being thrown from a pickup truck. plus, cracking down on panhandling. the new laws local leaders will be debating and why residents are requesting them. why one company is offering a refund on one of the most popular gifts of the holidays. i' m sure you can guess which one it is. jason: we will get to that and boy, i want more on this video you are showing. that is incredible footage. now back to the forecast, you will want to bundle up again this morning. eric: good morning, it is chilly but not as cold as yesterday. 36 degrees the current temperature in ocala. you are in the 20' s yesterday. 41 degrees in the villages, 45 in orlando. 54 cocoa and 49 in melbourne. here' s a look at the satellite and radar. a thin blanket of clouds moving over top of us. that is kind of helping to
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perspective showing a frontal boundary over here. that will crank up over the course of the day. that will bring that winter storm that you may have heard about already. we will talk about it later. no big winter storm for us. we will be talking about storms tomorrow, but for today it is nice and dry. 73 topping off in st. cloud. 73 deltasone and deland. 70 palm coast, 72 in palm coast. 71 are high temperature new smyrna beach and 70 degrees and new merritt island. 6:00 a.m., watching those clouds to the area through lunchtime and even to dinnertime. a mix of clouds and sun streaming across the sky. high pressure and still in control, we have that easterly wind. that is helping to moderate things. tomorrow, that storm system cranks up and passes by to our north. it drags a cold front which will usher in some showers and
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afterwards, we turn clear. 10:00 a.m., starting to see some moisture moving in tomorrow, by 1230 or 1:00, we watch the showers and storm clear out for the evening. chance for severe weather from tallahassee act over toward mobile bay. the i tend quarter that get that slight risk of severe weather. that will stay to the north. as we look to the weekend forecast, it is gorgeous. a big races weekend and we are talking about a perfect forecast. nice and cool temperatures. today is a bit warmer, 74 degrees will be our high temperature. a dry day. tomorrow, that is when the moisture comes back. 56 in the morning, 76 in the afternoon with midday showers. stronger storms will stay to the north. your weekend forecast looking outstanding. back to cooler weather, especially in the afternoon, not making it out of the 50' s both days. sunday
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orlando, 26 or so around ocala. our next rain arrives mid to late next week. here is ted noah with a look at the roads. ted: a live look at the 408 on the west side in downtown orlando, no delays yet. conway toll plaza to i-4 is four minutes. i-4 eastbound on the right we have wrapped up overnight work. from for late to the colonial. i-4 in seminole county, westbound on the right, that drive from the seminole rest area to colonial drive into downtown orlando would only cost you 15 minutes. jason: a massive winter storm is excepted this weekend. how it is already affecting thousands of people and what forecasters are predicting. let' s get out alive to alex villareal, she is covering some news on an overnight shooting. >> police in sanford shoot -- looking for answers after a shooting. i will so you everything we know
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jason: another chilly start . you can look down and neighborhood using the first weather app. it is a free download. download it today. we are preparing you for the week ahead. coming up as wesh 2 news sunrise at 5:00 begins. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: a late-night shooting leads to a heavy police presence in sanford. we are live is police search for answers in the case. jason: bracing for impact, what residents are doing in the northeast to prepare as a major winter storm moves into that area. the different joining us on a thursday morning, i am jason guy. michelle: we are still dealing with our own type of winter weather.
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